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Thank-you for taking time to complete our 2023 survey. Along with a general survey available to everyone, we sent specific surveys to businesses, organizations, and residents within the Ancaster Village corridor. Here are some of the results and a few responses from us to answer popular questions and comments we received. If you have further questions please contact us.

If the parade no longer existed, would you miss it?
75% of respondents said yes! The parade isn't going anywhere and it will remain on Saturday morning. The parade and KidsWorld are our two highest rated events.

How did you primarily get your information about Ancaster Heritage Days?
75% of respondents said social media and our website. We will primarily communicate through these mediums moving forward.

Fireworks. The fireworks displays were a great part of Ancaster Heritage Days. However, rising costs and environmental concerns mean that for the foreseeable future they will not be a part of the event.

Wagon Rides. Many years ago, and for only a few years, there were wagons which transported attendees from the plazas at Wilson & Fiddler's Green to the village core. The primitive wagons were pulled by tractors and riders accessed the wagons by using picnic tables as steps. Wilson Street was not the thoroughfare it is now . For safety and liability reasons, the wagons will not be returning.

Strawberry Social. The Strawberry Social which was held in the Old Town Hall for many years during Heritage Days was an event organized and run by the Ancaster Seniors Achievement Centre. Several years ago the ASAC announced they could no longer support the event and it has not existed since. However, there is a possibility that a new group may resurrect it. Stay tuned.

Road Closures. It doesn't matter when or where, road closures can be contentious. We recognize that our closures do negatively affect some residents and businesses. However, the overwhelming majority of respondents appreciate the closure with many requesting a longer duration. We will continue with our current model of closing Wilson Street for the duration and length of the parade and a short period afterwards to allow the crowds to move about freely and safely. We also want to especially recognize the Maywood neighbourhood residents who for decades have been wonderful hosts to the parade marshalling area. We will work hard to ensure our parade entries respect your neighbourhood.

The parade. The parade is our most popular event with thousands of onlookers and dozens of participants, so it makes sense that people have ideas and suggestions. We are grateful for this. The volunteer organizing committee puts out a call each year for participants and encourages the use of decorations and imaginative and interesting entries. Our organizing committee does not create the entries. Without the interest of local businesses and organizations, the parade suffers. Please encourage the places you are connected to and support to enter the parade. Parade marching bands and professional music acts are at a premium. There are less and less options each year and they come with a hefty price tag. We will continue to allocate money to ensure we provide the best parade we can. 

Local Business Involvement. We are so thankful for the local businesses that support, sponsor, and get involved with our event. We encourage all businesses, especially those in the village corridor, to get involved with specials, sales, displays, and more. Many do! However, we recognize that some don't. All we can do is ask you, the customer, to encourage the places you patronage to get on board. We work alongside the Ancaster Village BIA and are always open to discussing ways to support the businesses and their involvement. 

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