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Each of these women and men volunteer their time to make our organization run smoothly. If you're interested in joining our team -- the board, operating committee, or event volunteers -- please contact us below.



Luke Broomer (Rogers Communications)

Tammy Quinn (Ancaster Fairgrounds)

Christine Misener (Ancaster Eye Clinic)

Secretary, Beth Pearson

Treasurer, Liz Didonato

Chair, Aaron Gerrard (Ancaster Village Church)

Kristin Shuttleworth, KidsWorld

Claire Fletcher, KidsWorld

Aisling Burke-Harris, Parade

Krista Travis, Sponsorships

Natasha Romm, Vendors

Scott Rastin, Soapbox Derby

Shylo Petrie, Volunteers

Sarah Rietkoetter, Secretary 

Aaron Gerrard, Chair

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